5 Fantastic Examples of Interactive Infographics

Exsus: Highway One Roadtrip

As always, the internet evolves and the trends change. This is most definitely the case within content marketing. 2012 and early 2013 were very much the years of the infographic, however towards to end of 2013 a new media started to emerge. Behold; interactive infographics. If you have been living under a rock for the […]

Add Google Analytics tracking to Contact Form 7

I only decided to write this article based upon the fact that there was so few describing how to add Google Analytics tracking to Contact Form 7 forms within WordPress. For those of you who don’t know, Contact Form 7 is a plugin that provides simple and effective forms for your WordPress site. The plugin […]

Magento 404 errors after server migration

In development it becomes a necessity on numerous occasions to move from one server to another; from localhost to live, staging to live, you get the drift. Moving a Magento installation can be very troublesome. More often than not the error that rears it’s ugly head is the dreaded 404 pages that appear either on […]

Find an item in a list of objects in VB.NET

As you know, Microsoft’s .NET development environment is very powerful, yet in some cases the syntax for what appears to be a simple task can be tedious. The example code within this entry is VB.NET. Let’s assume you have a List of animal objects where he animal object contains 2 properties; name and colour. The […]

Filezilla converting files into 1 long line of code

This morning I came across a rather annoying and troublesome issue that I had never encountered before. I was working on fixing some bugs on a live website and thus was editing the files through Filezilla using Notepad++. The issue arose when I was saving the files and they were automatically reuploaded. Filezilla would compact […]