Add Google Analytics tracking to Contact Form 7

November 5, 2013 » Wordpress »

I only decided to write this article based upon the fact that there was so few describing how to add Google Analytics tracking to Contact Form 7 forms within WordPress. For those of you who don’t know, Contact Form 7 is a plugin that provides simple and effective forms for your WordPress site. The plugin […]

Unable to access Magento admin panel after fresh local install

October 31, 2013 » Magento »

I regularly have to make a fresh Magento installation locally using the latest version from their site. More often than not, upon installing the system I am unable to access the Magento admin panel. This can seem like a strange error, especially as it’s a fresh install, however it is very easily solved. The issue […]

Set X-UA-Compatible in response header through .htaccess

August 18, 2013 » Servers »

I think any front-end developer will agree that making sure your site displays correctly in IE is an absolute pain in the arse. One way I like to make it a bit easier is to set the X-UA-Compatible to force Internet Explorer to use the latest version. The common way of implementing this is adding […]

Changing the URL of the root WordPress Multisite site

February 3, 2013 » Wordpress »

The multisite installation I am working with at the minute has nothing on the root URL, and a site added which is live and fully functional. The task emerged to change the root URL of the installation, so I set about seeing how this could be done with minimal effect on the live site. It […]

Displaying HTML5 elements correctly in older versions of IE

February 1, 2013 » HTML5 »

As you are probably aware, HTML5 and older version of IE do not get on together. Chances are, your beautiful site you have just finished developing will look like a car crash when you load it up in Internet Explorer. The below snippets should fix this for you. Javascript createElement You will need to insert […]

WordPress plugin Contact Form 7 “Submission was referred to as spam”

January 30, 2013 » Wordpress »

I am working on a WordPress Multisite setup with numerous plug-ins installed. Contact Form 7 is being used to power the contact forms on multiple locations on the site. For those of you who haven’t come across this before; it is a simple, but flexible plug-in to provide customisable contact forms on WordPress. Everything was […]

Magento 404 errors after server migration

January 23, 2013 » Magento » » 5 Comments

In development it becomes a necessity on numerous occasions to move from one server to another; from localhost to live, staging to live, you get the drift. Moving a Magento installation can be very troublesome. More often than not the error that rears it’s ugly head is the dreaded 404 pages that appear either on […]

Find an item in a list of objects in VB.NET

October 3, 2012 » .NET »

As you know, Microsoft’s .NET development environment is very powerful, yet in some cases the syntax for what appears to be a simple task can be tedious. The example code within this entry is VB.NET. Let’s assume you have a List of animal objects where he animal object contains 2 properties; name and colour. The […]

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